About Wuerth India

Wuerth India

Wuerth India Pvt. Ltd. established its presence in Mumbai in 1994, marking the inception of a dynamic enterprise. Wuerth India operates across various sectors, including Automotive, Construction, Metal, and Wood. Within our Automotive division, we cater to a diverse clientele, spanning light, heavy, and commercial vehicles. This unit is further subdivided into Products, Cargo, and Value-Added Services. Our Metal division specializes in serving the metalworking and processing industries, while the Construction division is dedicated to supporting companies engaged in building, civil engineering, and finishing trades. And finally, our Wood division is committed to serving entirely the wood processing industry.

In recent times, we have expanded our brand portfolio to include notable names like Glasurit - BASF's renowned automotive paint range designed for the aftermarket, and Tyrolit - offering a premium Diamond range of cutting and coring machinery tailored to the Construction segment.

Wuerth India boasts an extensive network of logistics and sales offices spread throughout the country. This strategic presence ensures that we can efficiently deliver our products, even to the most remote locations, providing unparalleled last-mile service. Presently, our company employs a dedicated workforce exceeding 1000 individuals, and we proudly serve a vast customer base, numbering over 30,000. Our catalog encompasses over 20,000 high-quality products and services, including chemicals, technical items, C-parts, oils, lubricants, protective gear, automotive paints, diamond cutting and coring machinery, anchors, tools, consumables, storage solutions, retrieval systems, and an extensive array of car-care treatments and solutions.

At Wuerth India, our strong affiliations with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) enable us to supply OE-approved products and services through auto dealers' service centers nationwide. Operating as a direct sales company, we have adapted to contemporary challenges by enhancing our accessibility through our Sales App, Online shop, and Tele Sales channels. This ensures that our valued customers can easily connect with us and access our comprehensive range of offerings.