Wuerth Anchor Design Software

For intuitive design of post installed anchors into concrete.

Anchor design software

Simplify the complex calculation and design of anchors with the free Wurth Anchor Design Software. Especially developped for the requirements of engineers, planners and specifiers, the visual and easy to use software. is fully in accordance with the EC2-4.

Design Details & Features

  • Ability to run multiple load scenarios including fire and seismic cases.
  • Most economic solutions are in built into automatic anchor selection, giving specifiers the confidence that their solutions are efficient.
  • Detailed design verification can be generated in line and referencing EC2-4.
  • Built in access to product ordering data
Image 1

Intuitive and simple input for dimension and load parameters.

Image 2

Capable of accommodating non- symmetric or customized anchor arrangement or steel plate shape.

Image 3

Quick and simple overview of calculation results, critical failure mode and resistance utilisation.

Image 4

Anchor plate thickness calculator with stress mapping.

Image 5

Built-in technical document and approval library.

Image 6

Calculation method in accordance with EC2-4 calculation modes for fire exposure or earthquake. With built-in modules for calculating most efficient configuration and most economic product option.

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